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In my opinion, QSP has the best service and pricing for screen printing in Southern California. Shivie and his team were fast, reliable and really professional.

-Ted S.

Highest Quality and Affordable Silk Screen Printing Services

Quality Screen Printings produces high quality silk screen printing on plastics, metals, glass, wood and promortional products, all at affordable prices.

Silk screen printing is the most versatile of all printing methods today because it can be used on almost any surface: metal, ceramics, glass, wood, or plastic. It is also quite affordable. However, silk screening is an art and QSP offers supreme care, complex design experience and state-of-the-art silk screen printing equipment for your project.

Quality Screen Printings (QSP), based in Los Angeles, is the industry leader in providing high quality, sustainable silk screen printing services on non-apparel and non-textile surfaces such as ceramics, plastic, metal, wood, glass and most promotional products and items. As our silk screen photo gallery indicates, our silk screening processes are precise and measured while our commitment to producing and delivering high quality silk screened products is without comparison.

QSP is also the industry leader in part marking services, delivering high quality and rapid turnaround for galvanized/non-galvanized or powder coated/non-powder coated metals, plastic, glass, woods, and ceramics.. We differ from our competitors because of our flexibility in the amount of inks we use and the innumerable media types we can part mark for you.

Quality Screen Printings is a rapid professional silk screen printing shop based in Los Angeles, California. Due to our high standards, high quality and advanced silk screen printing techniques, product turnaround is quick which allows us to efficiently serve all of Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange County (Irvine, Long Beach), Palm Springs as well as San Diego.

We invite you to contact us at 818.767.4477 for an instant quote or complete our Request A Quote Form and we'll be in touch with you the same day.