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In my opinion, QSP has the best service and pricing for screen printing in Southern California. Shivie and his team were fast, reliable and really professional.

-Ted S.

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Direct Part Marking Services

Quality Screen Printings provides part marking services with the same high quality and precision as its silk screen printing services. QSP provides part marking for most any product or substrate surface including:

  • galvanized surfaces
  • non-galvanized surfaces
  • powder coated surfaces
  • non-powder coated surfaces
  • metal surfaces
  • plastic surfaces
  • wood surfaces
  • glass surfaces
  • ceramic surfaces
  • almost any media

We stand out from our competitors because of our part marking curing process, the number of inks we offer and the amount of media we part mark on.

We offer many, many ink colors and types in addition to catalysts which allow the inks to adhere to the part in question.

Examples of products that QSP part marks are:

  • signs
  • displays
  • racks
  • machine parts
  • promotional products