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In my opinion, QSP has the best service and pricing for screen printing in Southern California. Shivie and his team were fast, reliable and really professional.

-Ted S.

How Myriad Uses of Silk Screening Benefit Your Company

There are hundreds of uses for silk screen printing. Whatever the product need, be it a silk screen product design, logo, message or product warning, Quality Screen Printings employs its years of screen printing experience and state-of-the-art facilities to deliver high quality output that you and your customers can be proud of.

BRANDING - Silk Screen Printing Designs

Uses of Silk Screen Printing QSP can differentiate your brand with high quality and affordable silk screen printing on glass, wood, plastic, ceramics, and metal. Professional silk screen printing and silk screen printing designs will set your company apart from competitors. Big companies understand the importance of establishing a brand. Today, in the age of the individual, you have to be your own brand. Company and product branding are essential pieces in your marketing communication strategy that you cannot be without. The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.


QSP is asked time and again to screen print warnings on machinery. Our screen printed warnings can be applied to just about any substrate surface, from plastic to metal, from glass to wood. Heavy machinery can cause extreme injuries. Without proper instructions permanently applied to the product, misuse can occur. Warnings silkscreened onto the surface can prevent user error and damage to the machinery. Proper instructions can prevent unnecessary claims.


Part Marking is an extremely helpful tool when assembling many parts together. Part marking can economically help sort parts and increase efficiency. Part marking can also help customer service walk users through need maintenance and instructions.


Silk Screen Printing designs, logos and warnings can be applied to metal, wood, glass or plastic.Give your product the attention it deserves. Add a powerful silk screen printing design or logo to the front or simply reorder information that won't get misplaced. Keep your product from getting lost in the pack.

What is Silk Screen Printing?

Silk Screening, also referred to as Screen Printing, is the most versatile method of printing because it's affordable and can be applied to myriad surfaces. Moreover, inks and materials used in silk screen printing are easily available. Therefore, silk screen printing can be used for corporate logos, designs or product warnings.

Silk screen printing today is widely used to create large batch produced graphics on metals, woods, glass, plastics and ceramics.

A silk screen is composed of a frame made of wood or aluminum and a screen made of silk. In the latter half of the 20th century, polyester was substituted for silk.

A stencil is created to mimic the design or logo that is intended to be printed on the selected surface. Areas of the silk screen that are not part of the design are blocked off with a non-permeable material creating a positive of the image or design.

To begin the silk screen printing process, the silk screen itself is placed atop the substrate - a piece of metal, glass, wood, plastic or ceramic. Ink is then placed on top of the silk screen, a fill bar then fills or floods the mesh openings in the silk screen.

With a slight amount of downward force, the operator pulls the fillbar to the front of the screen which fills the mesh openings with ink. The operator then employs a squeegee that moves the screen down to the substrate and it is then pushed toward the rear of the screen.

Through a capillary action, a prescribed and controlled amount of ink is transferred from the screen or mesh onto the substrate. If the silk screen is washed and cleaned properly, it can be re-used.